Netflix, the company that invented online DVD rental by mail, has always been the clear leader in both subscribers and customer satisfaction. Success, of course, breeds competition. The challenge for us in designing the Investors Day meeting was to highlight Netflix’s strategy to retain their leadership against new competitors and new technologies.

To emphasize the digital future of entertainment subscription delivery, all presentations were designed in wide screen, and featured sophisticated visuals. The stage was designed to accommodate a single-day setup and still provide depth of field for the video web cast we produced to reach an even larger audience. Attendees onsite and via the web were also treated to a live demonstration of Netflix’s newest online video content delivery system. Working on the presentations with key executives until minutes before the meeting began, our design team formatted those six PowerPoint presentations and produced content-loaded customized flash drives in time for the arrival of the first attendee.

With consistent messaging from the initial invitation through the form and content of the presentations to the e-mail invitations to the luncheon with top studio executives discussing home entertainment trends, the event successfully communicated the brand’s ownership of the online DVD and digital video delivery.