For five years, we’ve been producing the National Air Traffic Controllers Association convention, which meets biennially for three days to discuss the state of the industry, vote on amendments and resolutions, and share best practices. 2008’s “Hurricane NATCA” was their biggest convention ever, with 1,200 attendees. Our set design was both powerful and adaptable. The production included:

  • A stage set of LED towers to handle all the custom content we created for the segments of the meeting
  • Meter board schedules and directional signs, credentials, and registration booths
  • Humorous weather video to open the meeting and introduce the President; closing highlights video; and seven videos to signal the ends of breaks, introduce important speakers, and energize the audience.
  • Column wraps and banners for the entrance and lobby

At the close of the convention, the 1,200 attendees agreed that it was their best convention ever.